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Looking for documents from a recent training session? They're here.

1. ITAC: Introduction to Exporting 101
Day 1 - International Logistics Export 101
Day 2 - International Logistics - Delivering the Goods
Day 3 - International Logistics - How to Finance the Sale

2.  Social Media Presentation
Social Media Strategy for Small Business


3. BASE Start-Up Workshop


4. Business Plan Templates


5. BizStartNow Presentation


6. Capital Crash Course 2011





7. Private Equity Series


8. Successful Selling

9. Product Commercialization Roadmap 


10. Financing Presentation

11. Cosmetic Therapy Association Digital Marketing Presentation (TW / 4.21.13)

CTAO 4.21 SBDC Digital Marketing Presentation.pdf 

12. Key Provisions to Affordable Care Act

SBDC SBA Key Provisions to Affordable Care Act.pdf

13. ONLA CENTS Business Track Presentations

CENTS 2014 Ohio SBDC Bank Panel and Finaincing Presentation MDB.pdf

CENTS 2014 Ohio SBDC Selling Presentation MDB

CENTS 2014 Sales Tax Workshop Presentation AUO

SBDC Information:

Overview SBDC Overview Rev032013.pdf

SBDC Start-Up SBDC Start-Up Process rev021913.pdf

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