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What Are The Real Sources Of Business Financing

I saw an interesting post recently on Small Business Trends by Scott Shane about sources of small business financing. If you have read Ideas To Deals much or heard me speak on business financing these findings won't surprise you but for the rest of you please take heed. Financing is a process that follows a continuum. The ability to obtain financing flows from funding vehicles available to early stage, high-risk ventures to banks that typically want to deal with established, low-risk businesses. Understanding where you are on this continuum and working the available sources will make you more successful in obtaining capital. 

Trying to jump levels when you are not ready will, much more often than not, result in failure. So are you just stuck? Not necessarily. What you have to do is try to move yourself as far down the continuum as you can, even if you are not really there yet.

To see the findings and get some tips to help you navigate the "Funding Continuum" head over the Ideas To Deals for the full post.

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