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A three day weekend is always reason to celebrate, especially when I can get a college football fix.  In the meantime, here's some reading to do during the pre-game show to help build your business!


Marketing Is Not Sales at Ideas To Deals, this week's I2D post of the week ~ Small business owners typically like to do marketing and don't like to do sales. The problem with this is that nothing happens in you business until somebody sells something. Don't hesitate. Get out there and get your sale on.

The Shift From Big to Small Isn’t Over at Adam Lehman's Blog ~ There is always a push for businesses to get big but there are advantages to being small too.

Here We Go ~ Blog Sponsors at Show & Tell ~ If you are at a point where you are getting some traction on your blog you may consider taking sponsorships or ads on your blog. Here are some "been there, done that" tips from Allison Lehman for you.

Entrepreneurial Lessons Even if You're Not Starting a Business at Spin Sucks ~ As you probably know I think Gini Dietrich is one of the smartest people around in marketing and communications (she is really just smart in general) but I so love when she shares her entrepreneurial experiences. Here is one of those times, enjoy and learn.

Donatos founder Jim Grote talks hiring, transparency, work-life balance at the Metropreneur ~ Jim Grote, founder of Donatos Pizza, share his thoughts on business and life as an an entrepreneur.

How do I leave my day job? at Business Blogs ~ Thinking of pursing your entrepreneurial passion? Here are a few things to do before you jump.

Six Tips For Creating a Newsletter That Works at Under 30 CEO ~ Do you want to create a better newsletter than the one you get from that other guy? Here are some tips to help.

The Key To Time Management: Stop Waisting It at The Sales Blog ~ Maybe it really is that simple.

Why The Goal Of Blogging And Marketing Is "Not" To Sound Intelligent at The Sales Lion ~ I have always said be simple and clear as to what you are trying to communicate.

9 Tips to Ace Your Kickstarter Campaign at the Daily Muse ~ I'm sure there are some out there that think Crowdfunding is easy money. It may be if you put these tips into action. 


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