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Importers and Exporters are having all their cargo delayed.   

Importers are just now getting new shipments in because of the two week vacaction the Chinese take this time of year.    From Jan 31 to the middle of Feb. nothing moved in China.   Of course, even after everyone returned to work it took some time for the factories to gear back up & fill those orders.   Columbus should be seeing those imports arriving soon. 


The exporters have had troubles because of the weather.    Trucks that make the first step of an export are badly delayed,  The railyards are short of empty shipping containers, and the ships are waiting in line at the ports.  


The importers & exporters really don't like this and as one of the people who gets paid for moving their cargo this is the time of year that is a little harder any way.   But this year is really bad.  I am really getting tired of this winter.   





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