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Should You Be An Entrepreneur? Take This Test

Some of your friends are doing it. People who do it are in the front pages and web almost every day. Even President Obama is talking about it. So should you do it? Should you join the millions of people every year who take the plunge and start their first ventures? I've learned in my own years as an entrepreneur -- and now an entrepreneurship professor -- that there is a gut level "fit" for people who are potential entrepreneurs. There are strong internal drivers that compel people to create their own business. I've developed a 2-minute Isenberg Entrepreneur Test, to help you find out. Just answer yes or no. Be honest with yourself -- remember from my last post: the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Click here to take the test and read the rest of the post.

Daniel Isenberg is the Professor of Management Practice at Babson College, Founder and Executive Director of the Babson
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project
, and author of the Harvard
Business Review article, "How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution " (June

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