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For store merchants that use a POS (Point of Sale) system for their business, you know how invaluable this miracle machine really is and probably wonder what on earth you did before this gadget. I learned first hand (well, second hand first) just how much I needed a point of sale system. I am far from a techie, but after my friend who owns a bakery showed me how it worked, I was hooked.

These days, merchants commonly use inexpensive POS systems with a cloud-based interface to run their transactions and analyze their sales afterward – as well as tracking inventory and the buying habits of customers.

An POS system is typically easy to use and doesn’t require any real training. Store clerks can use the system to ring up customers, print receipts, pop open cash drawers, accept credit cards, and update pricing. And because it’s cloud-based, number crunchers can get sales numbers from pretty much anywhere.

But what if the internet is down? This was my biggest concern but with a cloud-based system, sellers are still able to ring up sales when the router is on the fritz!

POS systems also include a reporting suite that allows merchants to organize and compartmentalize data in ways that inspire smarter decision-making, which has organized me in ways I never thought possible!

The benefits of an POS system aren’t just limited to retail shops. There are systems available for restaurants, too, and they have owners and managers asking: “Where have you been all my life?”

The idea of being able to ring up items and process a credit card payment right at a customer’s table is pure heaven to busy food servers. Seriously – the savings in time and leg work benefits everybody, including the boss and the customers!

Everyone I've talked with that has used this thing is in love all over again (me included!) 

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