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Let's Figure Out This Social Media Thing...

The more I use it the more convinced I become that social media can really help you get the word out and build your business. As I have said in previous posts social media is the new word of mouth marketing. Also the more I am involved in social media I realize that properly using it is really a skill that you have to learn (and keep learning). I've recently found a great blog called "Brand Box Blog" by Amber Naslund. In a recent post called "Getting a Social Media Foothold" Amber added a FREE e-book called "Getting a Foothold In Social Media: A Get-Started Guide for Small and Medium Businesses". It is an easy to understand guide to get you started with social media I highly recommend you visit Amber's blog and download the e-book. People are out there asking where to find a product like yours...shouldn't you be part of that conversation?

Click to visit Brand Box Blog

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