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Information and technology (IT) industry continues to grow consistently which lets the organizations leverage essential resources for maximum performance in terms of system functionality, stable business environment and security. There are various new technologies, network systems, and storage solutions launched timely to support the key business needs like remote data access, safe storage of data storage, networking and server hosting.

Net Activity is pioneer service provider of major IT services from Cleveland. All services aim to stabilize the business requirements for desired outcome. Among all, few services namely include Network storage solutions, Virtual server hosting Cleveland and Storage area network Columbus. Before you actually implement these services for your organization, it is wise to understand each for clear overview and its benefits.

Virtual Server Hosting Cleveland

Virtual server hosting is popular for various reasons, among the noticeable reason is the cost. It costs quite less for SMEs (small medium enterprises) to work independently within the system which is controlled by virtual server. It is because; no need persists to have an independent server which performs all functions at rapid rate.

If user’s point is considered, it is difficult to tell is if one is using the virtual hosting server or the independent server. The virtual server delivers use and access of software and programs; however user may not have the server which contains actual programs being used.

In world of computers, virtual server hosting gives access to programs which they want. The user of the system will have access to all program functions required. In many cases, monthly fee for server connection is paid which is negligible. In case if something goes wrong then service provider is to be called to troubleshoot the query.

Storage Area Network Columbus

Moving further, Storage area network Columbus is a service provided by Net Activity, wherein the storage device holds disks to save the data. The SAN is a separate network from area defined LANs and WANs. SAN comprises of hardware and software to connect various storage resources from different servers. The SAN hardware has interconnection rates among storage devices when software organizes monitors while configuring the network. This is sub-network of high velocity connected by storage devices. The device structure is such designed that every storage device on LAN and WAN can access the server. The link of other devices reflecting on the network will be accessible for servers of the large network. The server functions as the pathway between the users and stored data.

Network Storage Solutions Cleveland

This is another service for content networking having analysts predict the demand for network storage which is expected to increase in next 5 years. It will account for 75% of computer hardware expenses. The latest enterprise storage strategy considered by professionals includes Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage, and Direct Attached Storage.

Network storage solutions comprise mainly of LAN, intended to handle data transfers to support data recovery, replication and safe storage on various business networks. The system utilizes disk arrays, fiber channel interconnection and high-end servers to real maximum benefits to streamline diverse business process.

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