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Columbus Start-Up Weekend slated for October 7 - 9

As all the kids head back to school, you might ask yourself….what have I learned lately? Most aspiring entrepreneurs and technologist have a passion for lifelong learning and as we get entrenched in the day to day it can be hard to find time to keep our learning sharp.

Think of Startup Weekend as a crammed in school project.  Remember those projects?  You spend most of the semester gleaming through the material and then in 48 hours you learn the subject matter, have a crash course in team work, don’t sleep and put out an A+ effort.

The difference with Startup Weekend and a school project is that it is fun, has potentially life changing results, and continues to provide value for time to come, and there is NO grades.  For many of us SW alumni we have continued operating problem solving companies that have created fun, revenue, friendships and opportunity.

This is going to be the best Columbus edition ever!  We have a new partner in Columbus College of Art & Design, who has generously provided us with an AMAZING space to be in for the weekend and lot’s of other amenities.

The time is NOW to get registered to and save some cash!  Early registration has it’s perks.  First you are in (registration is limited)…Second it’s discounted.  Make sure you register and tell your friends to come out for a life changing weekend.  Startup Weekend has grown tremendously in the last year and it continues to produce amazing new businesses  all over the world.  This is your chance to abandon the grind for a few days, meet tons of inspiring people and crank out some sweet new businesses.

We look forward to seeing you there and please don’t hesitate to hit us up with questions.  Updates will keep rolling in on the site over the next few weeks.

Visit http://columbus.startupweekend.org/ for more details


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