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Building a viral marketing program from within...

I just found this video on the Sync website. This is Stacey Elicker of Sync discussing how to start a viral campaign from the inside at a recent TechColumbus session. Stacy discusses a campaign she worked on to develop an on-line community by developing a viral outreach strategy reaching internal stakeholders first, then letting it grow. For a small business Web 2.0 or social networking can be a great way to build evangelists for your product (see the previous post) and get your word out. As a small business owner you can no longer sit back and use the lack of a marketing budget as an excuse for not reaching your customer. There are so many tools out there will allow you to reach out and communicate to those that know you and support your business then let them evangelize for you. This post is a perfect example. I have never met Stacy and did not know her name or company this time last week. By using Twitter (visit my Twtter page http://twitter.com/MBowers030) I began following her posts and checked out her site. I found the video and have embedded it here and now you are seeing Stacy discuss what she does. None of this cost a penny.

Hey, it's 2008...Is your marketing leveraging the tools of today and tomorrow or are you using your parents marketing tools?


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