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November 2010 Blog Posts (11)

First Impression: Eight Ways to Avoid a Bad One via Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich

I’ve been curious about a phenomenon we’re seeing when we interview

candidates these days. Their first impressions suck. Not everyone (we did, after all, just hire Megan Beausang), but I’d venture to say 90 percent of them.Why do they suck? Because they’re…


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17 words and phrases to avoid in your business plan

We all have words that make us cringe. That’s especially true in the investment community.

Generally, I can tell a few lines into a business plan if a company just doesn’t “get it”. Sometimes, it’s blatant – like the lack of a clear mission statement. Other times, it’s something more gut-based, like the use of quotation marks as I did at the top of the paragraph (it’s too cute for a serious business proposal).

There are some words and phrases that are…


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Will You Just Take The Money (most of the time)

An Angel investor friend of mine is currently leading a crusade around the concept that entrepreneurs should stop focusing on all the little details involved in funding and should take the money when offered and get it working in their business. He has a good point. When you are out pitching your business opportunity Venture_capitalist you are trying to generate interest and get funding. You… Continue

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Share Your Prospects Have Split Personalities – Your Website Should Too

By Tom Augustine

Minds On builds a lot of websites and I look at countless more every day. Far too many of them are exactly the same. They put their product right in your face and shout about how wonderful it is and why you need every single feature they provide. It’s jarring. I’ve also talked to a lot of business owners who are frustrated with how poorly their website is at creating new sales. They just… Continue

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Does Your Website Stink?

As the recession progresses and financing remains difficult to come by more and more small businesses are asking me about ways to increase revenue by getting more customers (nice strategy). To do this they are looking at combinations of marketing, sales and an enhanced web presence. To begin to address this demand among my clients I contacted Oxiem Marketing Technology and asked them to…


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How Facebook plans to reinvent email and online messaging

Facebook announced a new version of Facebook Messages today that could
put the social networking site at the center of your online
communication. Click here to read how it will work.

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5 things that can screw up your exit strategy

When you are starting up your own company, you’re generally not thinking about acquisition. Any stock you give for services (or sweat equity) is likely done out of necessity and expediency.

For the successful and the lucky, those distant dreams of acquisition

can become reality. But there are a number of hurdles you can

inadvertently set up for yourself in the early days of your company that

can make that more difficult.… Continue

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Are You Going To Get Big? Act Like It

There is a difference between a traditional growth business and a high

growth business. There is nothing wrong with either one but you can't

be both at the same time. It is not uncommon for a traditional business

to inquire about seeking investors which their growth path can't

support but more and more I am hearing from early-stage entrepreneurs

that have an opportunity to really grow that are acting like a the

corner store. They are asking for dollars to pay for… Continue

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Speaking from a script doesn't have to sound scripted

I generally don't recommend using a script or memorizing a presentation,

but there are times when you don't have a choice, like when you're

handed a script to read that was written by someone else. Or you may

choose to use a script when your audience can't see you; for example,

when you're giving a webinar.

So for those of you who occasionally use a script, click…


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Ohio Skills Bank Initiative.... Money for Your Business!

The State of Ohio has made available funds to initiate workforce solutions for your business through the Ohio Skills Bank initiative.…


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New Law A Sign of Hope for Small Business

Owners of privately-held businesses are an independent group, accustomed to taking care of themselves and their businesses. But, in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, many businesses are without the credit that they need to advance forward. After months of debate, and after a Senate holdout on the Small Business Jobs Bill, on September 27th,…


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