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BUT, you will have to register with the grant.gov i think the sit is then you will havet o get a dunn number than register with the ccr you mmust have an account as doing business as ,if you are tax exampt must have that . now when you register www.gov there should be a place on that web sit that ask you are you an organzation or what so you have to register to get into the grant website, then there are the classes you can call or log on to columbus foundation ,and… Continue

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Sam Walton Formula for Building a Successful Business

Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart who grew up in poor farm community in rural Missouri was challenged to dream and succeed in his chosen career. Because of poverty he had learn to value the worth of money. Remember that succeeding in the field of business will not only take so much payday advances but self-trust, perseverance and techniques to go on with everyday challenges.

As of today, it is… Continue

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Article Traffic - 7 Secrets You Should Use

Original Article "Article Traffic - 7 Secrets You Should Use " from Ezine Articles

Article traffic is one of the best ways to get quality highly targeted traffic. No only will you benefit from being listed in the most viewed category you can also make it to the most published article category too. But more on that later. Lets get right to it. I will list out 7 secrets that done correctly will help you dominate the… Continue

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The economic downturn has affected lots of people here in America. If we are going to put up our business today would it be okay for us? I mean would the business strives at this time? Things are get…

The economic downturn has affected lots of people here in America. If we are going to put up our business today would it be okay for us? I mean would the business strives at this time? Things are getting complicated.. Continue

Added by Sheila on November 22, 2009 at 11:47pm — 1 Comment

What is success?

On my blog, Marketing, Manga & Music, I'm asking the question "What is success?"

I just wanted to invite people to come and discuss this. I'd really like feedback and thoughts in this realm.

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Essay Writing Structure!

An essay can have a lot of intentions, but the basic structure of all type of essays will be same. You may be writing an argumentative essay to argue for a particular point of view or to may be doing a persuasive essay to explain the steps necessary to complete a task. Either way, your essay will have the same basic format and structure.

An essay consists of three major parts,


2.Supporting Paragraphs

3.Summary Paragraph

In this article we will… Continue

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Ohio County Court Records Instant Access

Ohio County Court Records Instant Access!

Now you too can quickly and efficiently search and locate Ohio County Court Records online. Do you need court registry information? Do you need court records, criminal record, federal records, correctional files, police records? You can become an instant online member and immediately access our look-up tool and finders, which will scan databases to prepare a complete report for you. A Ohio County…


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Article Traffic Video – 7 Secrets You Should Be Using

5 Minute Articles Traffic Plan

Article traffic is a great way to get visitors to your website or blog. Article Marketing is a great strategy to use for targeted traffic and back links. If you do a search for anything now-a-days chances are some of the results will be from an article directory. Submitting articles to article directories and using the proper keywords and layout can enhance the quantity and quality of visitors to your website or blog. Check out this video that goes over 7… Continue

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Are You Ready For The Holidays?

In our latest blog post on ptmsblog.com, we asked if you were ready for the holidays (it's not too late!), and asked for any good holiday promotions you've seen this year.

But if you read the post and wondered, what can I do NOW, at this late date, to help boost my sales, here's some thoughts:

* Run a promotional email campaign.

There's still 9 days 'til Black Friday. And after that, four whole weeks 'til… Continue

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Changes to scheduled Classes and Participation with Soul Line Dance Steppin' In Columbus Ohio

Summary Update: Whitehall Parks and Recreation. Pay as you go. $5 each class. Tuesdays. Six classes. Far East Recreation Center. Six classes for $25. Fridays. All sessions 7pm – 8pm.

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Winning The Innovation Race?

110m Hurdles by totwawki via Flicker

Technology advances in fits and starts, leaps and bounds. There’s so many cool new tech applications out there, available for your use.

New tech can help your company appear on the cutting edge and help you better connect with your targets leading them to a better, more personal connection with your company. But at the same time it can trip you up and cause you to fall flat on your face if you try to do too much.

You want to add social media –… Continue

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Customer Service: The Differentiator

So over the Summer, I got together with some friends for a backyard barbeque. The food was delicious and the drinks weren’t that bad either. During the cookout the conversation eventually routed to what we all were currently working on. Of course, I had to take the opportunity to plug this blog. As soon as my friend’s sister heard I was writing on behalf of the experiences small business owners are having she pleaded, “Please write a post on the importance of customer service.”

She… Continue

Added by Tonya Wilson, SBDC on November 7, 2009 at 11:46am — 1 Comment

Everything East includes Soul Line Steppin and Be Financially Literate

Hello. I'm Valerie. I have several functions that fall under Everything East. I am currently holding dance and fitness workshops in an attempt to introduce people to an exciting and healthy way of learning urban dance and getting fit. I currently teach at the White Hall Parks and Recreation Center and the Far East Recreation Center: Soul Line Steppin In Columbus Ohio. Our classes start next week beginning Tuesday. See the following information:

Soul Line Steppin’ In Columbus Ohio… Continue

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Overwhelmed by social media planning?

In this uncertain fluctuating marketplace I often hear ceos, business owners and middle managers have a common thread in their perception of social media. Fear of the unknown, fear that if i speak on this platform on Facebook, Twitter etc... It will put a bulls eye on my back for negative feedback or what if I put the wrong thing out there are typical objections I hear. I get it. Business is scary. The entrepreneur, boss or manager in you doesn't want to fail. I don't know any type of business… Continue

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5 Ways To Run Your Social Media Campaign

Jump on the social media bandwagon by Matt Hamm via Flickr Before most companies make the commitment to social media, they want to be certain they understand what they're actually committing to. After all, it makes no sense to just jump on the bandwagon, until you know where it's going to take you and how much the ride's going to cost.

Some of the questions that need to be asked include: Can we do this ourselves? How much time and energy is this going to take? Would it be more cost effective to outsource it entirely? Are there any… Continue

Added by Karin Oliver-Kreft on November 3, 2009 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

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