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July 2010 Blog Posts (4)

Should You Be An Entrepreneur? Take This Test

Some of your friends are doing it. People who do it are in the front pages and web almost every day. Even President Obama is talking about it. So should you do it? Should you join the millions of people every year who take the plunge and start their first ventures? I've learned in my own years as an entrepreneur -- and now an entrepreneurship… Continue

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Hate Sales...Why?

Most people get into business because they have a passion for what it is they are doing. They have a passion about their product or service that drives them to share this with the world. However, many of these same people do not share the same passion around business activities especially sales (and of course accounting but everybody hates accounting). Why is that? I would suspect that is because people think they need to emulate the negative… Continue

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Unless You Are An NBA Star Protect Your Personal Brand

Although I'm not a huge NBA fan, like many other Ohioans, I found myself

following the Lebron James "Decision" (it was either that or watch the

World Cup, child please). Throughout the process I was fascinated with

the deterioration of the "personal brand" that he had spend the past 10

or so years building. By the time he finally announced I found myself

thinking...what an A-hole. Was this bad advice or bad branding? As

time pasted I started thinking that this… Continue

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15 Warning Signs That Your Business Sucks

by Neil Patel on June 23, 2010

warning sign

Let’s face it, you’ve wondered if your business is going to succeed or not. You keep on pouring your heart and soul into your business but for some reason you aren’t making a ton of money.

Well the sad part is,…


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