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July 2009 Blog Posts (12)

Small Business "Community" Feature Just Added To Business.Gov

As more and more downsized workers contemplate their futures, the Business.Gov website is turning out as one of "The places to be," online for those that are leaning towards becoming their own bosses. This revamped US Government website is going to turn out to be one of the most helpful resources for future small business owners.… Continue

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Co-Working in Columbus

I wanted to share this piece on some new co-working spaces in Columbus. Could be a pretty cool idea for you. Check out the video from Channel 10. Note, Sandbox Columbus will be the host of Ideas to Deals Live beginning August 13.

Coworking in Columbus Covered on 10TV from…


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Basics in Bootstrapping

My friends at the International Bootstrapping Association sent me this article and I simply had to share it with you! The article proves the entrepreneurial spirit thrives to succeed even after bankruptcy and shares seven proven and timeless bootstrapping rules that you should apply today! Paul Aldrich did (after his business went bankrupt) and turned a new $20 start-up effort into a $185-million company! Implement these rules and see what happens in your business! Read on!…


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Small Business and Social Media ~ What Is Your ROI?

Anyone that knows me can attest that I am totally bought in to social media. I have used tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to build the on-line presence of the SBDC as well as to meet some really great people. I firmly believe that social media is an effective, inexpensive way for small businesses to get their message out and create a dialog with customers and prospective customers. It’s the new “word of mouth” marketing. It is, however, easy for small business owners to get confused… Continue

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Are You Rick-rolling Your Customers?

The economy is tanking, has tanked, will be tanking. I’m not practicing conjugation – it’s just I’m not sure which tense to use for this statement. Regardless, whenever the economy hits a downturn, businesses everywhere cut back on their marketing. It’s a sad fact that those in my profession have become increasingly familiar with of late. There are two more true facts that are, unfortunately, contradictory: one) that in a downturned economy marketing dollars expended have a much broader reach… Continue

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Three Keys to Getting CASH for Your Project or Business

The following post is taken from the blog of Mike Figliuolo, Founder and Managing Director at thoughtLEADERS, LLC. Mike brings a diverse background and vast experience to the field of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Three Keys to Getting CASH for Your Project or Business

Money is tight these days. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking… Continue

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14ninetytwo – Discovering Columbus Innovation

Central Ohio startups with an idea for a new technology-enabled Web solution or mobile application are encouraged to apply for acceptance in the 14ninetytwo project – a pilot program including an early-stage virtual incubator providing business formation, mentoring and coaching resources as well as access to pre-seed capital for selected deals. Deadline for application is July 31, 2009.

Central Ohio entrepreneurs with an idea for a new technology-enabled solution, especially in the Web and… Continue

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Check out the "Connector" Tuesday's, 9:30 pm. Central Ohio's #1 new live call in podcast.

The "Connector" with Alvin "Wyliemac" Borromeo & Rocky "RocksOn" VanBrimmer IS Central Ohio's #1 new live call in podcast! it is information & entertainment at its FINEST!

Tonight's Guests:

Michael Bowers, Ohio Small Business Development Center

Mike Merhle, Social… Continue

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Beaux Johnson

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Branding Tips For Small Businesses

Recently I read an article written by Nick Rice entitled, "9 Branding Tips For Small Businesses"

I hope this will help you a lot so that you might avoid engaging in too much instant cash loans.

1. The design of your logo really doesn’t matter.

2. Have a professional website.

3. Blogs are good.

4. Blogs are good, but they’re just one tool.

5. Prepare a one… Continue

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I'd like to introduce myself

I'm a sales copy writer by trade, but am looking into breaking into travel writing. Check out my sites below and tell if you think I've got what it takes -- but be warned, these sites are VERY "salesy"!

lateral thigh trainer

ab rocker…


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Aspirin or Vitamin?

Aspirin or Vitamin...which is your business?

Vitamins are a great supplement to your diet. They help you have more energy and a stronger body. They are good to have but if you don't take them you'll be OK. Aspirin is taken to relieve pain. If you have a headache you are ripping up your medicine cabinet to find the aspirin. So what is your business...Aspirin or Vitamin?

An aspirin business is one that solves a the customer's pain. It is a must have not a nice to have. In my… Continue

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