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What CEOs really think about Social Media

What CEOs Really Think About Social Media

As you all know, the Ohio SBDC is a firm believer in using Social Media as a strong business tool for interaction with our clients and networking with the Small Business community. This will be one of the HOT TOPICS buzzing around our Ohio Growth Summit and Ignite Columbus 4 presentations on June 8th and 9th here at Columbus State.…


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Are you 'Playing to Win' or 'Playing Not to Lose'?

In any competitive endeavor there are two prevailing mindsets – there are those who are playing to win the ‘game’ and there are those who are playing not to lose. Business owners are playing the game of business. Each player in this game has quite a bit at stake. Statistics reveal that the majority of most business owner’s wealth is tied to their business and those same owners are reliant upon the income from their businesses for their livelihood. With so much on the line and with an ailing… Continue

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Sales Bootcamp: Sell Naked...Successfully!

We at the Ohio SBDC are proud to be partnering with Tiffany Timmons to present "Sell Naked...Successfully!" on April 28. I have seen so many small business owners struggle with sales to the point where it wrecked their business. It doesn't need to be that way. You can be the top sales person in your business...who else has more passion that you about your business? All you need are some skills to transfer your… Continue

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How far will product placement go?

Growing up I have always been particularly cognizant of brands. My father works for a major beverage company. As a kid, if were allowed to drink soda, we were not allowed to drink that of Brand X, since Dad’s company was paying the mortgage, putting food on the table and paying for my dance lessons.

Naturally, I’ve noticed when product placement advertising was used in my favorite television shows or movies and the increase this practice’s usage over the years, as we all have. Sometimes it… Continue

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A fine line for Facebook content?

A 12 year old, British boy recently had racked up around $1,400 tab playing Farmville on Facebook. This game is played by 75,000 players monthly. She is asking them to take part of the responsibility for a child with a past history of addictive behavior. "When I asked him why he did it he said that they had brought out 'good stuff that I wanted,' " the mother, who asked not to be named, told the newspaper. This child had a history of racking up a big cell phone bill that he could not pay.… Continue

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The Greater Logan County Area Chamber Board Names New Chief Executive Officer

LOGAN COUNTY, OHIO – The Greater Logan County Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees announced Wednesday the appointment of the Chamber’s new President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Chamber Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Fred D.… Continue

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