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April 2009 Blog Posts (12)

Manufacturing Profit Plunge....Is Your Business Vaccinated?

In light of Scott Malone's report earlier today that manufacturing profits continue to plunge, businesses must be aware that they are more connected than ever and the health of one business can have a ripple effect on the others. We have seen this in the auto industry but how about your business, are you vaccinated from potential deadly viruses from your customers and suppliers? Every business is interconnected… Continue

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Marketing Plans for Small Companies

Offering a new product line without a marketing plan can spell disaster for a fledgling business. Small businesses are on constrained budgets, and therefore, do not have the financial resources of big businesses that can handle a failed product line. For each new line of products or services your small business offers, a marketing plan needs to be developed to determine how the product will get into the customers’ hands.

A marketing plan helps a business organize a written strategy… Continue

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Three Tips to Entrepreneurial Success

If you know me or if you've read my profile bio on any of the social media websites I'm on, you know I love to vacation and I love Florida. Therefore, its only natural that anything associated with those two things is sure to grab my attention. But beyond the lovely palm trees, folicking days at the beach and adrenaline pumping rides at the best theme parks in the world, (Walt Disney World of course!) there is tremendous lessons to be learned from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our… Continue

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Not quite ready for launch...

I'm a future entrepreneur who is not quite ready to hang my "open for business sign" quite yet. Right now I'm heavily into preliminary research to find out how viable my concept is and am still trying to pinpoint exactly who my customers are. I honestly wasn't expecting the ground work to be quite this complicated!

Naturally, I'm excited... but a little apprehensive too. It's a big step, but I'm definitely up for the challenge!

Added by Joy! Thomas on April 16, 2009 at 1:15pm — 4 Comments

Customer Service For Small Business

Ilya Leybovich of Thomas Net Industrial Market Trends recently wrote "Good customer service can mean the difference between a solid client base and losing market share".

Customer service is an important strategy for increasing sales and improving customer loyalty since it is less expensive and easier to keep existing customers than to acquire new… Continue

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Quick Tip For Entrepreneurs ~ April 14

Looking to pitch your business...watch this!

Charlene Li, founder of digital strategies consulting firm Altimeter in this interview on Vator.tv with Bambi Francisco , shares her advice to entrepreneurs relating to pitching a business concept to her as well as insights in to the use of Social Media for business.…


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Think about what makes business worthy of a story

Often the local media (newspapers, radio, magazines) will do feature stories on local businesses. The question I am often asked is, "How do I get them to feature my business?"

So, I ask the question, "What is unique about your business?" What is the "Aha!"?

If the response is, "Well, nothing," therein lies a good reason for the media NOT featuring your business.

Can you answer this question: What is the unique, special, competitive advantage of your business? If… Continue

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How to Obtain a Loan

During the last eighteen months, we have seen our financial picture in the world take a drastic change. It is harder to obtain a loan from your local banks. In order to obtain a loan the following criteria will have to be met. You credit score has to be in the low 700’s and have more than enough collateral to obtain a loan. Your credit score is a major part of getting the bank to say yes. They will look at your debt to income ratio, to see if the majority of your income is going to pay your… Continue

Added by David Rivers on April 7, 2009 at 10:53am — 1 Comment

Should You Invest in a Wireless Credit Card Terminal?

Technology makes everyone’s life easier. Now, new wireless terminals are making thousands of businesses run a little smoother. Merchants are able to complete transactions more effectively and efficiently.

By using wireless credit card terminals, merchants are able to take their business virtually anywhere. There no longer needs to be a cash register on a counter to be able to accept credit cards. Wireless terminals such as the… Continue

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10 Ways to Save Money on Credit Card Processing

10. Don’t Lease Equipment – Own It Instead

If your budget at all allows it, don’t lease a credit card terminal but buy it instead. Generally, credit card terminals are not expensive to purchase outright. Popular terminals can cost a merchant roughly $350-$550 depending on your needs. To lease a terminal will cost you roughly around $25 per month, which over a three year contract could end up costing you close to $900! Think about it; your company is going to be accepting… Continue

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