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March 2009 Blog Posts (16)

Quick Tip For Entrepreneurs ~ March 31

Chris Shipley, co-founder of Guidewire and executive producer of DEMO, has mentored thousands of startups in her 13 years running the tech conference. In this interview on Vator.tv with Bambi Francisco , Shipley shares her advice to entrepreneurs, based on the many mistakes she's observed.…


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Quick tip for entreprenures...

Angel investor Hamin Rezepour shares with nuResume founder Reena Jadhav his top industry picks for investing in 2009 along with a tip for entrepreneurs...…


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Crawl, Walk, Run...

In a video interview from Vator.TV Bambi Francisco discusses lessons learned in funding high growth companies with Gus Tai, general partner at Trinity Ventures.…


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Ideas to Deals...Live

I’m often pitched by entrepreneurs who have great ideas (and some that don’t) but are living in fantasy land when it comes to raising money because they haven’t articulated how they would turn their idea into a fundable deal. The key is to make it easy for the investor to say yes. Speak to the investor about things that are important to them. Don’t try to convince them that everything they know and have experienced with early stage companies is wrong and you know better. On March 19, 2009… Continue

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Top Franchise Blogger Is Right Here In Ohio!

Greetings, fellow Ohio Economic Dev. folks.

I am involved in the franchise industry-I help Northeast Ohio residents find great franchises for them to own.

I am also involved in Economic Dev. activities in Cleveland.

Please check out my franchise blog, and subscribe, if you want to stay up to date on franchise trends etc.

For… Continue

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The Reality Of Franchising

The reality of investing in a franchise of your own is this;

Turn-key does not mean that the franchise company will do everything!

More reality;

When you invest in a franchise start -up, do not expect to draw a paycheck at the beginning. This is the most difficult part of a career transition from employee to business owner. {And sometimes from employee to employer} I recommend that before you invest in a franchise/business start-up of your own, you… Continue

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Maine SBDCs See a Grand Idea Turn 25 Today

The Silver Anniversary of the New England Products Trade Show opens today in Portland, Maine.

The show was originally put on as the Maine Products Trade Show in 1985 and was conceived and launched by the Maine SBDCs. As the years passed the trade show grew adding vendors from Vermont and New Hampshire and became the New England Products Trade Show. In 2002, They handed ownership of the event over to Giraffe… Continue

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A Look at Small Business Tax Breaks in the Stimulus Bill

We have heard that Small Business get a tax break as part of the stimulus bill but what are they? Here we list the changes.

Qualified property expense ceiling raised

The Section 179 tax break that allows companies to expense qualified assets in the first year of service has been increased from $133,000 to $250,000 in the first year that qualifying assets are placed in service.

Bonus depreciation extended

Originally instituted in 2008,… Continue

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Surviving a Downturn

From the Maine SBDCs

By John Entwistle

From a business owner’s perspective, whether the economy is in a recession or not is somewhat immaterial. Managing a small business can be difficult even during the best of times. In the midst of an economic downturn, however, the activity becomes essential and doing it well is often the determining factor… Continue

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Small Business is the Heart of the American Economy

"Small Business is the Heart of the American Economy" is how President Obama referred to small business in his speech on March 16. The President outlined a plan to increase liquidity in the secondary market for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans by using a portion of the TARP funds to purchase SBA loans from banks. This would allow banks to make loans, sell the loan on the secondary market and use the funds they received from the sale to make more loans. This is critical. As I have said… Continue

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International Bootstrapping Association

At the Ohio Small Business Development Center we often have small businesses coming to us seeking capital. Sometimes we can help them, sometimes we can't and sometimes the business needs to build some traction before they can get external funds. At that point we help them come up with ways to build their business by "Bootstrapping". Bootstrapping is a financial model where a business is financed without investments by formal, sophisticated outside investors—using the founder’s own funds, maybe… Continue

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Know your target market, then tailor ads to reach it

Before you decide anything about your advertising, you need to know your target market. Without a clear picture of these customers, you’ll waste valuable time and money.

Once you know who your customer is, you’ll be able to decide what medium delivers a qualified customer to you at a competitive cost per contact.

Your advertising focus needs to be on:

1. The type of medium to effectively reach your target audience

2. The type of advertising campaign… Continue

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Retail Market Entry ~ A How To Story

I found this video of Jennifer Yen, creator of pur~lisse, a line of cosmetics designed not to irritate even sensitive skin. In this clip Jennifer discussed how she developed the line and took it to market. For all of those looking to enter consumer markets there is a great lesson here.

Congratulations… Continue

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My FREE Training Video Series


Here's a great free video training that shows you how to take advantage of hot new trends for profits!


Imagine being able to access a site to find out what people are… Continue

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How Do I Get A Grant for My Small Business?

With the Obama grants scam alert we sent yesterday we feel we should revisit one of our most frustrating topics, grants.

Kelly marsh and Leann Benton of the Mohave SBDC in Arizona wrote a very good straight talk explanation of the topic of grants.

The SBDCs receive numerous inquiries from the public about how to obtain a government grant. There is quite a bit of “hype” through the television, internet and even solicitation phone calls implying there is a ton of “free goverment… Continue

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Scam Alert! There are No Obama Stimulus Checks or Grants

March 2, 2009

Over the past few weeks, the internet and e-mail boxes have been assaulted by advertisements and e-mails claiming grant money or stimulus checks are waiting for you, THEY ARE NOT.

The new stimulus bill does not include any tax refund like we saw last spring/summer. There are no stimulus checks coming and please disregard any website or e-mail that tells you otherwise. What the new stimulus bill does is put more money into existing programs to build… Continue

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