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What to know before ordering custom t-shirts

Are you in the hunt for custom t-shirts but don't know where to start?  Don't worry Envy My Tee is here to help!  Here a 3 things to know before you contact your local printer....or even better us!

  • Know how many t-shirts you want.  This can narrow down who you will contact.  Most screen printers will have a minimum number of t-shirts of the same design that need to be printed before they will start.  If you only need a few try looking for companies that offer DTG printing. (Direct to Garment) We offer DTG printing and have that capability of making one or 1000!  With direct to garment printing there are no minimums and full color print is the main purpose.  I tell my customers if you can print it on paper I can print it on your t-shirt.
  • Know what kind of t-shirt you want.  There are so many types of t-shirts out there it helps a lot if you know what you are looking for.  Are you looking for 100% cotton, the soft tri-blend tees, maybe a 50/50 tee.  Are you wanting these custom t-shirts for a one time event?  Tell your printer, and a cheaper t-shirt can be printed.  Are you looking for an every day work shirt?  A heavy cotton t-shirt can work best.  How about a  custom fashion t-shirt? There are lots of options and my main point is to communicate with your printer how you intend to use the custom t-shirt and your printer will know best.
  • Know what you want on your custom printed t-shirt.  It is extremely hard for a printer to print the thoughts in your head onto a t-shirt.   If you have an idea, tell your printer as much as possible to help them create the perfect t-shirt for you.  I can assure you if you do not have custom artwork already prepared, but you do have a well thought out explanation into what you want you will have a happy printer.  On our website you can create your own! It saves time and money as in most cases you will be charged a fee for the company to create artwork for you.  You also get your t-shirt faster when you create on our site. No more back and forth, create, pay and it will go into production. 
An extra tip:
If you have art work make sure it is print ready.  What does that mean?  It means that the artwork you supplied is the exact size that you would like your graphic printed on a t-shirt.  Every printer is different, but vector form is awesome.  A vector image can be printed at any size and not lose any quality.  Also .png files (with a transparent background) are great for DTG.
If you can have these things ready it will make for a smooth experience for both parties.
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