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Hey Guys, as some may know you can now start your own t-shirt store online thru Envy My Tee.  I should probably start off with he most important fact....its FREE.  There are no fees to sign up, or if you lose your mind and decide to stop you can do that too. It super easy to sign up.

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage at Envy My Tee
2.  Click Create Your Online Store
3.  Fill in the few easy sign up questions
4.  Set up your store!

We understand the many people want the chance at entrepreneurship, but some do not have the start up funds to do so.  We want to empower you to go after your dreams and we will be behind you every step of the way.  Once your designs are uploaded to the site, you do all the marketing to attract your customers to the site and we print, package and ship! You do not have to worry about buying equipment, stocking up on blanks or learning how to print.  All you need to do is sit back and collect a check!

  As we always say we strive to become your premier custom t-shirt print shop.  We print out custom t-shirts with the latest in custom t-shirt technology to ensure you and your customers will have the best quality t-shirt possible.  We also only print on quality blank products.  There is no need to worry that your t-shirt will crumble like paper after one wash.  Owning your own t-shirt shop is great for all ages. If your in middle school wanting to sell your designs to your friends at school  all the way to an adult wanting to earn some extra cash buy selling to members of a club they are apart of staring your own custom t-shirt shop is the way to go!

Deciding on a t-shirt print shop in central Columbus could be a hard decision but let's sum up a few of Envy My Tee's advantages.

1. No Minimums- Many of your local screen printers do not want to be bothered with making one t-shirt because of their "set up process." At Envy My Tee we do not have that issue. We use a process called Direct To Garment Printing which is perfect for any amount of t-shirts.

2.  Full Color Printing-  Ever talk to a screen printer and they want to charge you by the color?  That can put a big damper on what design you use.  We don't have that issue. We print our custom t-shirt with no color restriction.  If you create artwork that has 15 colors in it you will pay the same price as if you had one. Again that is the beauty of Direct To Garment Printing.  If you can print it on paper, we can print it on your very own custom t-shirt

3.  Free T-shrit Campaigns- We understand that customers want to use t-shirts as a fundraising tool, but do not want to buy a bunch of tees in which they might not sell.  At Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel you can set up your own campaign for FREE and set up all the information in minutes. No upfront cost and no overpaying.

4.  Instant pricing. You will not get a general chart that has a pricing guide with an note saying pricing may change at anytime.  When you visit Envy My Tee you will see exactly what you are paying right then.  No guessing!  You pick you style of garment, add/create your artwork, chose the number of garments you want and you check out. Super easy.  Not sure what design you want, but know how many you need?  Not a problem, all of our prices include printing so check out the Quick Quote and add the information you have and bam, instant prices!

Those are just a few of the advantages we have at Envy My Tee.  We are not your normal Columbus "Screen Printers" as we have upgraded the way custom t-shirt are being bought and printed.  Have we re-invented the wheel? No not at all, but we have made the process a lot easier for the first time buyer of custom printed t-shrits all the way to the most experienced.  We wanted to create a system that mimics the way we like to shop.  We want an easy to follow system to help stream line the checkout process.  We offer a Design Lab to help those who do not have a graphics programs to make their own t-shirt.  In the Design Lab we have 1000's of "Print Ready" ( That's an important word!) artwork and fonts that are available to use and most of all FREE! 

If you have any questions on how we may be able to help you please don't hesitate to contact us!  We strive to be the best custom print shop in the Central Ohio area, and want to do our best to help customers get great printed garments.  Our whole focus is on empowering our customers to create the best artwork and let us bring it to life thru print.

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